The Power Of Judgement | Lone Doctrine

April 19, 2016

A thought to remember, "It's not what we look at, but what we see." -Thoreau


Judgement can add value or can make the world a more difficult place. The question we must ask each and every day is, are we adding value? Is what we are doing and/or saying putting value into the world? 


There are many tools that can be utilized whether we are the judged or the judger, these tools are crucial because our own opinions and the opinions of others is inevitable. The fact is each of us has our own opinion which can result in a positive or negative outcome; the choice is ours.


So, where do you stand? Are you adding value to the world or is there something within you challenging you to rise above? Be the change; be the solution. 


You'll discover a wealth of knowledge, tools, and outlets towards making TODAY better than YESTERDAY. 








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