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August 1, 2016


There are many aspects of betterment whether it be understanding ourselves more, stress management, coping skills, balance, evaluating our values, our missions and more but all of these tools won’t do us any good until we’re grounded within our individual foundation.


I feel as if we have this constant movement of learning and unlearning. Sometimes when life seems heavy, hard, chaotic or if you just feel like you need something fresh and new in your life it might be beneficial to do some life "rebuilding."


All of the tools, tricks, tips, sayings, quotes, books, inspirational movies, etc. won’t do us any good until we commit to betterment. Or how I like to think of it is commitment in “Fighting the GOOD Fight.” Finding a healthy lifestyle not only from the neck down but also from the neck up is essential. Remember, just as your body reacts to malnutrition so does your mind. If you’re not feeding it daily with the good stuff it’s very easy to slip into unhappiness, frustration, resentment and many other “waste of energy” emotions. 


One of the biggest reasons of having a strong foundation is longevity. We must stay committed in order to stay grounded, but your commitment has to benefit one aspect the most, YOU. A lot of people will find themselves over stimulated by interest, but never commitment. Thoughts will come and go, ideas will be imagined, talk will be talk, but taking action is the biggest step in commitment.


One of the most powerful tools in creating that “one of a kind life” is your mindset. Faulty beliefs are like faulty pipes, it will constantly cause problems. Having a good foundation and remaining grounded will allow you to commit to excellence. YOU deserve excellence. Excellence is doing the best you can, at every moment in time. It also means you have the willingness to consistently learn, grow, and keep moving forward. Building a house starts with laying down a solid foundation; YOU build your house by laying down a foundation of good physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health.



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