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September 5, 2016


Most of us have a bad habit of holding onto many different aspects of life such as guilt, worry, doubt, anger, and more. As all of these things add up there becomes less and less room for the positive. You’re not only blocking the way for the new, but your leading your life with an ample supply of what can be described as a victim mentality.


We all have negative emotions, we all have negative feelings but we also have the choice to, what I like to call “protect our peace.” Feelings and emotions are just that, feelings and emotions. They come and go as fluid as water; it’s the reaction and ACTION you take that becomes your choosing. 


How do we consistently clear the clutter or clear the negatives?


One of many ways is to be mindful not to identify with our negative ego. The ego will keep feeding you with every negative known to existence and it’s supply is endless. The way to break it down is to not identify with it, it’s your light fighting against your dark or in other words the battle of the senses.


Most people take this method as if we ignore the darkness or the ego, in fact it’s the opposite. If we allow ourselves to feel, we then allow the movement through instead of holding on. As soon as you become aware, you defeat any power your ego may hold in leading you into the negative abyss.


When you allow yourself to authentically feel you’re allowing glimpses of your inner being to come to the front of your thoughts. By doing this you are taking the first step in clearing the clutter and allowing the awesomeness that already exists and is waiting to enter your life. There’s no better time than NOW.



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