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November 7, 2016


“You can either succeed or you can learn.” 


If you’re not ready to learn you will never succeed, there will inevitably be some speed bumps, falls, and trips along the way but when we trip, we trip forward. 


We unfortunately live in a world that has created a false picture of failure, it says you’re either a big winner or a big loser. The more valuable lesson, I feel, is learning how to cope with failure in order to learn. In the end, we all fail. That’s the truth. 


One way I think of failure is when it comes to pass I’m one step closer to success, the more I learn the faster I will succeed. Remember, if you want to do something of value, failure will be somewhere in the mix, but as long as you learn you will eventually succeed.


The next time you experience failure, remember you’re in good company. If you don’t believe me ask anyone that has succeeded if they’ve ever failed. The answer will be, yes. Failure is not the end, it’s just another step in the journey; so keep stepping forward.


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