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March 7, 2017

The past, what I’m mostly referring to is when the past prevents us from moving forward. When you’re holding onto what someone has done to you, what mistakes you might have made, or when life doesn’t go as planned. We’re left with emotional scars, wounds, frustration, anger, sadness but what good are those feelings doing for our future?


The truth is no matter how much pain, sadness, and anger we may have it will NOT change the past. The past is in actuality the past. So I’ll ask you this, are you willing to choose peace? 


The truth of the matter is, the journey of moving on from your past starts and ends with you. Although the feelings of what may or may have not happened can be carried with you, it’s a feeling in which you’ve attached yourself to and with a commitment to your betterment you can release those unwanted feelings. 


The past can rob you of the energy you need in moving forward. There’s a whole world of betterment waiting on your arrival here and now.


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