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August 22, 2018

Welcome to our segment of the “Think Tank” where we send out a Q&A to the people, to keep building and exploring “Food For Thought” for the people. Each and every moment someone’s story is unfolding and I feel each and every one of us is significant. Together, we make TODAY better than YESTERDAY.


This story is one of great awareness, and an outlook from a young woman that not only strives for betterment but gives to those in need and (literally) saves lives.


Think Tank


1. Where you’re from, what you do, etc?


26 yo F, Grew up in South Lake Tahoe, I work in the local Emergency Dept


2. What are some your top values in life and, why? 


Financial stability, emotional stability, health, support, and continuing education


3. In your work and personal/home life what are some of the ways you stay motivated?


A harmonious work/life balance, and the pursuit of my passions


4. We speak of “Food For Thought” that provides a means of making TODAY better than YESTERDAY. What do you do or do you have a daily routine to keep your mind on the right track?


I find a lot of success in having a morning routine that I follow even when I am having an off day, exercise, sunshine and I always leave time for little dance parties in my car. I also practice being as cognisant of varying perspectives as I can be, this keeps me in an understanding logical mindset of the people around me.


5. What are your top three favorite books, movies, or shows and, why?


Grey’s Anatomy ...because I am a living, breathing human and it is the greatest show of all time.


Misc Netflix Documentaries because it is usually a interesting form of continuing education in easily digestible pieces. It keeps me thinking clinically and critically about the world around us and I think that is important.


6. If you could chose a superpower or spirit animal what would it be and, why?


To know how to read, speak,write and understand all of the languages and dialects in the world. It would be VERY useful in gaining understanding and perspective in terms of other cultures.


7. If you could call your younger self, what sort of advice would you offer?


In this world, you can control very little. Instead of focusing on the things that are out of your power, focus on on being at ease in the otherwise grey area of discomfort. Allow that ideal to transition into all areas of life that are uncomfortable. Adaptability and emotional control are of the utmost importance.




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