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October 8, 2018

Are you stressed? Do you feel down? Do you feel stuck? Are you unsure on how to take that next step towards betterment? What BETTER way than to help others in need. Thoughtfulness has a very wide spectrum. It can be seen as volunteering with charities for those in need or it can be on the home front with your family, friends, or even in your workplace. Thoughtfulness can have a ripple affect beyond compare. 


"Thoughtfulness means spending time putting yourself in other people’s shoes. It means considering what is in the best interests of others. It means putting thought into what can make others feel good. Thoughtfulness involves focusing on caring for others through your words and actions."


You have so much to offer in this lifetime. No thoughtful action ever stops with itself. One act of thoughtfulness leads to another. One single act throws out seeds of greatness in all directions and those seeds create new trees of thoughtfulness. The greatest work that thoughtfulness does to others is that it makes those affected become more thoughtful themselves.



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