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March 1, 2019

Why start tomorrow what you can do today? It’s not always that you can’t, it’s that you haven’t. The first step in getting past everything that fills the “I can’t” is the choice to push past it. That first step is crucial and you only need to start there. We get so overhwhelmed by the whole situation, the whole goal that it clouds the way towards just taking that first step. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Even if what you’re pursuing seems like tens of thousands of miles away, that first step will turn into two, ten, hundreds…


It’s time to get your mind on the right track and give it the good food for thought you mind deserves. We are bombarded with negativity every day, it’s sadly all around us. Whether it’s the media, the news, social media, traffic, the run in with the grumpy driver, the pace of certain places feeling as if you're always having to be in a hurry, etc.. Everyone’s life is different, but we all have some sort of scenario that surrounds our daily lives that may not be benefitting our best self. 


Sometimes we’re really hard on ourselves. I know I have been and I would NEVER be that way to anyone else, so why am I so hard on myself? Sometimes we have to step back and see what our inner dialogue is saying and if we’re asking the right questions. Are you coming down on yourself or are you saying things like; is there anything you could have done differently? How do you feel about what happened? What did you learn from this? What ideas do you have to get to the I DID? 


Too many times do we rely on the start of the year, on a refresh, or restart façade. We start with excitement and then soon lose steam realizing we haven’t accomplished much of anything or we’re constantly telling ourselves “someday.” Well I’ll tell you now, someday is not a day of the week. No matter the scenario, even one step today is better than someday because life is too fragile, too short to rely on tomorrow.




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