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May 8, 2019

We spend so much time seeking honesty. We want honest relationships, we want our friends to be honest, and when things go wrong all we want is the truth. We spend so much time teaching our children to be honest but then as life goes on we find ourselves in a hard place, seeking change, seeking betterment and find that we’re the ones being dishonest. Dishonest with ourselves.


Most of us are good at ignoring the bad, making excuses and justifying why "it can wait." Sometimes, it’s easier. But the path of least resistance will send you on a never ending merry go round. There’s an amazing amount of growth, self esteem, and peace of mind to gain when we can become honest about our mistakes and short comings. When we admit to our mistakes we then open the door of opportunity to learn and grow but if we don’t, we’re doomed to have the lesson repeat itself in the future.


Being honest with yourself isn’t about being constantly down on yourself. It’s having a safe place, a relationship that is unconditional and sometimes just “matter of fact.” It doesn’t need to be a diatribe of content, just a simple recognition and awareness that will support you in putting your best self forward because "..the first step towards greatness is to be honest." -Proverb




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