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August 2, 2019

Welcome to our segment of the “Think Tank” where we send out a Q&A to the people, to keep building and exploring “Food For Thought” for the people. Each and every moment someone’s story is unfolding and I feel each and every one of us is significant. Together, we make TODAY better than YESTERDAY.


This story is one that is extra special because I had the opportunity to reconnect with my cousin. It was more healing and eye opening than I could have ever hoped. May his pieces of his "lone doctrine" help create betterment in your life as it has mine. 


Think Tank


1. Where you’re from, what you do, etc?


I have lived my entire life in Northern California (other than a semester in England in 1998), and work in Special Education as a SELPA Program Specialist. Most of my professional work has been in working with students having mental health struggles, often as a result of trauma.  I also help facilitate various events around the Mendocino area in support of the Pagan community.


2. What are some your top values in life and, why? 


Faith, charity, and hope. I believe that being connected to whatever one chooses to see as the divine is an important balm to the soul. Charity of course because we are all in need. And hope is necessary to secure a positive future.  


3. In your work and personal/home life what are some of the ways you stay motivated?


I am a self talker, and also try to expose myself to positive books, shows, etc. I believe that the more I think positive, the more positive will occur in my life.  I also see the biological reality of motivation, so I exercise regularly, eat cleanly, and get a full nights sleep as much as possible. There is a lot of well researched information about how keeping positive affect and motivation is directly related to how we treat our bodies.


4. We speak of “Food For Thought” that provides a means of making TODAY better than YESTERDAY. What do you do or do you have a daily routine to keep your mind on the right track?


First would be another reference to how I treat my body.  If cortosol and adrenaline (just to name a couple) hormones build up and do not have the opportunity to drop from our system, then we maintain higher levels of stress, think less clearly, and are not as good decision makers. My other comment here is not very glamorous or exciting for anyone looking for that magic answer. Discipline. There are a lot of details in life that we don’t want to deal with, but must in order to meet our goals. When something comes up I really don’t want to step up to, and I find that monkey mind rationalizing why I could get away with a less wise track.. I immediately check my emotional content and try to step back to determine if I am really just trying to avoid the hard choice.


5. What are your top three favorite books, movies, or shows and, why?


Right now….Books: American Gods (Neil Gaiman) mostly because it was awesome, but also because I like to think of the Gods eating in diners at night. Kushiels Dart (Jacqueline Carey) this book is an incredible fantasy story full of intrigue and adventure. But it also opened my mind to how cloistered of a perception I once had on sexual preferences and experiences. I’ll just let that teaser sit there.. Secret Teachings of All Ages (P. Manly Hall). This one is academic, and is one of the most incredible collections of symbols and ancient mystery teachings you could have on the shelf. Movies/Shows: Princess Mononoke is the best movie ever. Aside from that I am too easily entertained to pick favorites. My shows and movies that we watch are totally to escape or laugh etc... 



6. If you could chose a superpower or spirit animal what would it be and, why?


I don’t really do the spirit animal thing, but I am a cat person and if had to choose I feel like a leopard would fit. I like the energy they have of calm and quiet, but able to strike with power and efficiency. I hate to admit it, but I would like some type of mind control for my superpower. Not for malicious ends, but if I could heal disorders, or calm those in crisis it would be pretty handy


7. If you could call your younger self, what sort of advice would you offer?


Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.  Determine what your will is in this moment and take action on it.




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