Self Care Is NOT Universal | Lone Doctrine

August 11, 2019

Self care is any activity that we deliberately take action with in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although simple in concept, it's something we often overlook. It's finding the self care regimen that genuinely benefits your well being because you're worth it and time is limited. 


Finding your barriers is by far one of the most effective methods when you're seeking betterment. Success, happiness, your peace of mind is on the other side of the barriers that for the most part we, ourselves create. Some of the most common challenges when it comes to self care are guilt, time, energy, money, and feeling like you're not worthy of asking for help. What is self care? That is the question each of us has to answer for ourselves. We get so caught up in comparing that we forget that self care is NOT universal. 


"An empty tank will take you exactly nowhere; take time to refuel." 



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