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December 1, 2019

“…an empty lantern provides no light. Filling your lantern allows your light to shine brightly.” In many teachings throughout our upbringing we are more often than not taught that giving to yourself or putting yourself self first is selfish. What we've come to realize is that when we make our well being a priority we are more able to grow, thrive, and ultimately give in the BEST of ways. It's time to fill our cup because it's not only essential for yourself but also everyone around you. You are here to grow, as am I, as are we all. It’s when we become stagnant or we create a photo copy day to day...same day, same thing, same thinking that we lose the chance to embrace life to the fullest.


Filling your cup is so important and I truly believe that every person has a purpose. Too much potential is lost in this complicated system we live in, that ironically WE created. The new year year is just around the corner, but a new moment comes to us tenfold if we are so fortunate. You are HERE. I challenge you, I support you to embrace your differences. To see the beauty in all our differences and with good intentions we can make the world a better place.


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