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"Eloquent and driven with music at the very heart of her soul, Nikki is not only one of the most dedicated musicians to honing and expanding her art, but also an uncommonly kind teacher and life coach who can inspire you with infectious motivation and positivity. Nikki will awaken a new groove in your soul." 


"Thank you for creating the Lone Doctrine. It's helped me feel better as well as look at a situation in a different view. My favorite podcasts are Immeasurable Gifts and Understand Self Part 1 & 2. They're my favorite because it really touched me. I still go back to those, listening to them over and over again. Keep up the awesome work." 


"Thank you so much for making the podcasts. There have been many events that have occured in my life where breaking down and closing myself off from the world seemed like the only option. Listening to them would help me realize that life is filled with obstacles and the way you choose to react to the situation will determine the outcome of how you see life. These dark moments obscured how wonderful I have always seen life. I found myself replaying many of the podcasts just to remind myself that I am and will continue to be a stronger person. It is with attitude that I have been able to achieve great things in life. Thank you for what you do. I can't begin to explain what differences your podcasts make to those who listen to them." 


"Nikki G helped me start to achieve a musical dream of mine but also helped my outlook on life become a more positive one. She not only inspires through her music but simply through the way she lives her life. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the amount of times that her words and actions have helped me and made me see things in a different light."


"Meeting Nikki literally changed my whole life! She has always been a guiding light for me and has helped me through my darkest days. Her positivity and optimism have given me hope. She has always encouraged me to truly be myself and has helped me become a stronger person. I've battled depression on and off through my life and she was there for me through one of the worst times. With her support I survived and now I'm alive and well. There is no one else like her in the world." 


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